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  • European Windows for North America Market
European Windows for North America Market

European Windows for North America Market

European window and door for North America market focusing on hospitality and multifamily industries

They are fully cusomizable for tilt and turn windows, sliding, folding and swinging doors, fixed window and entrance door etc

Aluminum window is a made to order building material, and is customized as per the performance requirement including thermal transfer rate measured by U value or K value, solar heat gain requirement, wind load resistant capacity, water penetration resistant, air infiltration resistant, sound proof requirement. The performace requirement for each window order is various depending on the local climate condition and project fenestration requirement. For example, in United States, the building code and climate is different among states. Newspace Hospitality is able to provide made to order and customized aluminum window and door, and come in versatile of style and size to match the architectural style and measurement of hospitality, multifamily and commercial projects.

Aluminum window and door in apartment building
Custom made aluminum window and door for apartment building with Germany technology

modern architectural grade aluminum window and door
Modern architectural grade European style aluminum window and door, manufactured in China and export to North America

Aluminum frame is light weighted and durable metal material which is a sustainable and recycled building material. It features 3 chammer profile with polyamide thermal break stripe (PA66 thermal break stripe). The thermal insert in the middle chamber for better heat insulation. Three seals two component EPDM synthetic rubber in opening window, applying equal pressure theory to keep a better water resistant performance.

ALU 70 aluminum window section detail

Standard european style aluminum window ALU70 series


Aluminum alloy 6060-T6, 1.8mm thickness, three chamber profile
Thermal break 30mm made of fiberglass with polyamide reinforcement (PA66)
Thermal and sound insulating foam insert in the middle chamber
Three seals of two component EPDM synthetic rubber in opening window
Triple glazing 5mm + 9A + 5mm + 9A +5mm
Tilt and turn or casement window opening method

Performance parameter

Water tightness: grade 6
Air tightness: grade 8
Thermal insulation: grade 9
Sound proof: grade 3
Wind load resistance: grade 9

Aluminum window from floor to ceiling installation
Aluminum window from floor to ceiling installation to build a window wall