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  • Aluminum Glass Window and Door in Apartment Complex
Aluminum Glass Window and Door in Apartment Complex

Aluminum Glass Window and Door in Apartment Complex

Aluminum Glass Window and Door in Apartment Complex Thermal Performance on aluminum system and Energy Saving Glazing, Applicable for hospitality, multifamily, commercial, institutional, assisted living and shcool housing projects

European style aluminum window with nail fin or flange for traditional American method of installation. The nail fin or nailing flange is used to nail the aluminum window to the building exterior wall. It is made of aluminum stripe which extends outward around the window frame, and provides an American way of window opening sealing to prevent water infiltration and air leakage.

Aluminum alloy 6063 T5 frame depth: 2.95 in ( equal to 75mm), Standard RAL Powder Coated or Anodized Metal Finishes. To protect against cold and hot climate, PA66 (polyamide) thermal breaks offer lower U factors, limits condensation, increase energy performance and reduce thermal condutivity 
Dual or Triple Insulated Glass Unit, customized configuration to match door and window packages and meet any code requirement

NFRC Value for Fixed Window
Thermal Break U Value=0.3 Btu/h.ft2. F
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)=up to 0.50
Visual Transmittance (VT)=0.66
Condensation Ressistance=60

NFRC Value for Operable Window
Thermal Breack Value=0.33 Btu/h.ft2. F
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)=up to 0.43
Visual Transmittance (VT)=0.57
Condensation Ressistance=61

Aluminum Window System for Apartment

Techenical Parameters to Configure your European Style Thermal Break Aluminum Glass Window to Meet with Your Local Energy Code with Reference of Energy Star by NFRC

U Factor
The parameter of U factor is going to describe how much heat will escape from the interior. In areas with cold climate, low U factors means low heat loss, and will keep inside room warmer

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
The parameter of Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is going to describe how much solar heat from sunshine will enter into a room. In areas of hot climates, low rateing of SHGC means less heat gain and will keep inside room cooler

Visible Transmittance(VT)
The pararmeter of visible transmittance is going to describe how much natural sunchine lighting will enter into the room. The higher number rating means more natural light will come inside and the inside room brighter

Air Leakage
The parameter of air leakage is going to describe how much air will infiltrate into the room through the window. The lower number of rateing means leass air leakage

Condensation Resistance (CR)
The parameter of condensation resistance is going to describe the capacity of the window to prevent moisture on the surface of inside glass. A higher number of rating means the stronger ability to resist condensation

aluminum window technical parameter

aluminum glass window for apartment

aluminum glass window for multifamily

Aluminum glass window system for ribbon window configuration or punched opening. The floor to floor span of the frame structure allow the installation to be done inside the building which is more safe and cost effeictive. Using the lastest German aluminum window technology with tilt and turn window operation.