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  • Fixed Window and Air Grill in Hotel Guestroom
Fixed Window and Air Grill in Hotel Guestroom

Fixed Window and Air Grill in Hotel Guestroom

Fixed Window and Air Grill in Hotel Guestroom Home2 Suites USA Energy Performace Standard

Window is an important element of building to allow for views and antural daylight transmittance.

To measure the energy efficency rating for aluminum glass window:

U-value: The U-value describe how well a building element conducts heat, the lower the value,the better the insulator a material is
G-value (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, SHGC in USA): it is a measure of how much heat from the external environment is transfered through a window into the interior of a building
Air leakage (air infiltration): air leakage (air infiltration) is the amount of air that a window allow to enter or leave a building

fixed window and air grill

We can design and produce aluminum glass window in accordance with the climatic region of project to get energy efficient performace. The configuration and material of aluminum glass window can be cusomized for each order. For example hotel properties in Florida, in the southern region,need windows that have a cooling effect for the guestroom., where as hote properties in Washington State,in the northern region, require windows that retain heat. 

climatic region USA

heat transfering

Understanding three methods of heat transfer can help to design and produce the right energy rating aluminum glass window

Conduction:  a heat transfer through a solid material by contact of one molecule to the next. Heat flows from a high temperature area to a low temperature area. Thermal break aluminum frame can reduce the heat transfer by conduction.

Convention: a heat transfer process involving motion in a fluid, such as air caused by the difference in density of the fluid and the action of gravity. Convention effects heat transfer from the glass surface to interior roomspace air, and between two panes of glass. The glazing option of IGU (insulated glass unit) can reduce the heat transfer by convention,commonly double pane or triple pane.

Radiation: the transfer of heat by rays or waves. Radiative heat transfer can occur within a vacuum. Low E glass is for the purpose to reduce the heat transfer by radiation.